Rector’s Speech

University Centre of Illizi, Algeria

Dear website visitors…

Let me take this opportunity, to thank and sendmy sincere appreciation to the university family members, professors, lecturers, researchers, students, and administrative staff, without forgetting our customers, partners, and all visitors to the universitywebsite.

University Center of Illizi has made, in a short period of time, distinguished strides in expanding its pedagogical structures, which has resulted in a noticeable diversification in the creation of new scientific programmes that are exposed to students, in addition to an increase in the population that ensures effective pedagogical supervision and management. These factors have combined together to allow the university center to achieve a renowned position among national universities.

It is obvious, that these efforts motivate us to promoteand upgrade our university center to be a unique scientific pole, not only at the national level but also internationally.

I hope that this website will contribute to achieving the university center’s objectives by facilitating the opening of the university center to its natural scientific and social spaces, and enabling it to promote the pedagogical and scientific activities of its academic staff, and the scientific, cultural and sports activities of the students.

Be positive and dynamic in accomplishing these targets, by making thiswebsite as a tool for communication and interaction with all partners and workers, in order to bring the university closer to its scientific space, and open to interaction with its surroundings. Isn’t openness a prospect for exchanging experiences and competencies in the service of humanityand the nation?

                                                                                                                         University Centre’s Rector:

                                                                                                                       Prof. Dr. Moussa Boubakeur

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